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Are you tired of spending your hard-earned money on supposedly fine knitwear, only to find that it's beginning to pill after the first few washes? You hand-wash, dry clean and treat it like the finest china, but nothing seems to keep it from breaking down. That’s because many knitwear garments are no longer made from pure wools. Read More

That’s why we’re proud to provide all-natural merino wool clothing in Melbourne and throughout Australia. Our garments are carefully crafted by some of the world’s best Italian designers, and they are made from the finest merino wools produced right here at home.

Merino Wool is Made from Much Better Stuff

You see, natural merino wool comes from the fleece of a merino sheep, which are native to Australia. The fleece is formed from proteins similar to the keratins found in human hair. They’re made to be flexible, maintain temperature and absorb moisture. While synthetics may try to emulate these properties, they really haven’t been able to come close in their finished product.

Wool fibres are formed from 5 basic elements: hydrogen, sulfur, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon. These elements come together to form the protein strands that make up the fleece. They create a fibre that is coiled instead of straight. A straight fibre causes an itchy knit as bits of the strand will stick out and rub against your skin. Coiled fibres keep everything tightly wound together, leaving you with the soft feel you’ll find in all the merino wool clothing from our online shop.

Natural Fibres are Made to Last

The coiled nature of natural fibres is also the secret to their longevity. They are able to expand and contract, delivering a level of flexibility that allows your garment to stretch as you move. However, a good washing will return the fibres back to their natural shape. That means your garment will stay looking new for a long time. Synthetic fibres simply don’t have the same flexibility and tend to lose their shape more easily than a natural wool.

Wrap Yourself in the Brilliance of Mother Nature

Let’s face it, no matter how hard we work it’s going to be a while before science trumps mother nature; if it ever does. That’s why we know you’ll find some of the finest merino wool sweaters in Melbourne right here in our little online shop. At Merino Wool Knitwear, we source garments from around the world and they’re always made from all-natural woollen fibres. Shop our line today and wrap yourself up in the brilliant Italian designs improved by mother nature.

At Merino Wool Knitwear you'll find Australia's finest pure wool, merino clothing for mens & womeons at the best possible prices.

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Fratelli Original - Classic Wool Vee

This 15 gauge fully fashioned Vee is a Casual Guy by Fratelli Original Classic. This classic merino wool vee comprosises nothing and is made the same way it has been made for years. This is not your average sweater and can't be beaten for quality and everyday usability.

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