Pure Wool Jumpers

When people think of clothing made for hot weather, wool is often the last thing that comes to mind. It has a reputation for being warm and most people think of Christmas when it comes to knitted sweaters. This is a common misunderstanding that continues to spread because some types of wool are better for cool weather. However, a merino wool jumper works perfectly well for the summertime and those long winter months. Read More

This is made possible by how the fibres in merino wool are structured on a microscopic level. That’s why merino wool, which comes from sheep native to Australia, is perfectly suited for our climate.

Merino Will  Keep You Cool When It’s Hot

It might seem counterintuitive to wear a knit sweater on a hot day, but what if that sweater actually acted to regulate your body temperature? In merino wool, the coiled fibres are made to absorb moisture while releasing and repelling water vapours. This helps to keep you cool by acting as a natural mechanism for dispelling body heat. As your body warms, the sweater absorbs sweat and releases it as a vapour. This keeps merino wool jumpers from becoming moist while, at the same time, releasing body heat along with the vapour.

As an added bonus, the tendency to repel vapour protects you from humidity. That means you’ll be styling in comfort on even the hottest and muggiest Australian days!

You’ll Stay Nice and Warm when It’s Cold

If merino wool is so good at releasing body heat, how does it keep you warm when it’s cold out? Well, do sheep freeze when the temperatures drop? No, and that’s because their fleece is made to respond to outside weather conditions. Natural merino wool fibres are much finer than you’ll find in other wools. This creates little air pockets between the fibres which are able to hold in body heat. When it’s cold out, the merino fibres will naturally hold this heat instead of releasing it into the air as it does while cooling.

That’s how this amazing type of wool is able to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s warm. Many synthetic fibres have been developed in an attempt to mimic this amazing trick of nature, but none have managed to even come close so far. That’s why there’s simply no replacement for pure merino wool jumpers.

Merino’s Natural Moisture-Wicking is Perfect for the Australian Climate

Australia can be a fairly harsh environment. Lots of sunshine, lots of humidity and a winter that never goes too far below 15°C. Some days, you actually need more help cooling down in the winter! That’s why a nice merino wool garment is a great addition to your wardrobe. It’s perfectly suited for any type of weather served up by the Australian countryside. It all goes back to the sheep. Their fleece is made to protect them from their natural environment. Lucky for us, that’s right here at home!

Live Life Better with Clever Clothing from Merino Wool Knitwear

There’s nothing more clever than mother nature, and she’s really outdone herself when it comes to the fleece used to create fine wools. Our garments are always at the top of the fashion game with classic styles and a timeless look, but it’s the natural fibres that truly make them clever. We’re proud of our company and all the hard work we do to bring you fine merino wool jumpers, but we also know how to give credit where it’s due. When it comes to the superiority of our materials, all the credit goes to the natural processes that have wrought a far better product than anything man has been able to craft.

Experience the luxury created at the crossroads of fine craftsmanship and extraordinary materials. Shop our line today and stay cool in style.

At Merino Wool Knitwear you'll find Australia's finest pure wool, merino clothing for mens & womeons at the best possible prices.

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